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Halloween 2017!

Happy (belated) Halloween!

Nobody comes to my house to trick or treat for two reasons: my house is on a hill, and we neighbor a townhouse neighborhood, which leaves all the single-family homes on the street pointless to travel to. Well, they are missing out!

So what does my family do to make Halloween worth it each year? We dress up for our church's Trunk-or-Treat event!

This event is typically for kids, but my family and I have to go all out each year since its the only time we have to dress up. Two years, ago, we went as some sort of circus act. My dad was the ringmaster, my mom was his assistant, I dressed up as a doll, and my partner at the time dressed up as a life-sized puppet (which was a HUGE hit to the kids!)

Last year, my parents had this idea to dress up as "Upper and Lower GI", where my dad put a black shirt on and camo pants, my mom put on a camo shirt and black pants, and I was the one in the middle, and I just dressed up as a hunter. The number one complaint we heard was that the kids missed the doll, so I made a decision. 2017, I will be a doll again!

To stick with a family theme, I had no idea what to do. I was Googling doll costumes about a month ago, which I came across the best idea - a voodoo doll. Technically, I would still be a doll! To go with this theme, I told my parents they should be the witch doctors and I would be the doll they stitched together. So we jumped in the car, traveled to the Halloween store, and came back with a load of stuff for our costumes.

Neither of my parents were into the idea of going in a full face of makeup like I was, so I took my time and created my voodoo doll, creating the illusion of stitches on my face and breaking the stitches around my mouth so I could talk, eat, and drink. The kids LOVED my stitches, in fact, I think I convinced a few of them that they were real!

Here is my final makeup look:

Scary, but absolutely beautiful.

The look of both of my parents are actually won us an award at the event - BEST GROUP!

For the past two years, I was hoping that we could win an award even though they were typically for kids, and we finally did it!

Not bad for a few people who didn't want too much makeup on their face!

But I think my dad had the most fun of all -

Secretly, I think he liked dressing up that night!

Until next Halloween!

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